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Share Internet access between multiple PCs over one connection with great features for filtering content as well as setting up quotas

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WinGate is a powerful Internet sharing tool that allows you to configure and control the Internet access for all the computers connected to a local network. You can use this tool to monitor the network traffic in order to optimize the Internet connection usage in your organization.

As an Internet sharing tool, the program is able to facilitate the access to other computers by using NAT or proxy technology and allows you to control the traffic by using advanced rules. Each rule can include a schedule for restricting the access to a specified time interval.

An unprotected Internet connection can expose the workstations to various threats, therefore WinGate includes a firewall designed to shield them from potentially dangerous content. The unwanted connections can be blocked or redirected by using security filters.

The program includes email tools which enables the server to host email domains, configure mailboxes and filter the messages before they are distributed to the users. It uses a SMTP delivery service and allows you to retrieve the messages from POP3 accounts in order to distribute them to local mailboxes.

Besides the network resources management, bandwidth control and email hosting features, the gateway also includes multiple reporting tools for diagnosing network problems. The notification system enables the administrator and other important staff to learn about important events via email.

Although the application is clearly designed for the network administrators who need to manage medium or large networks, the included documentation and video tutorials can help any user get accustomed with the program features.

Overall, the WinGate application is a useful tool for sharing an Internet connection and managing the rules that define the user access.

WinGate was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
WinGate - WinGate will help you share Internet access between multiple PCs over one connectionWinGate - Users will be in complete control of the data and web pages being accessed by the clients of the programWinGate - The Dashboard section of the application will provide users with web access, caching as well as general statistics and gaugesWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGateWinGate

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