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An easy to configure server that helps you connect to all your databases and applications from a single place, connecting databases together

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OAQL Server stands for 'Oriented Architecture Query Language Server', providing a way to connect to various resources and work with them all in a consolidated environment. It is capable of connecting Java-based applications and databases together, enabling you to access them from a single, centralized place.

The principle that OAQL Server relies on is to interconnect various data sources in order to offer faster and more convenient access to information. It is compatible with both SQL databases and non-SQL engines, offering a method to manage different types of databases.

Configuring the server shouldn't be such a difficult job for experienced users, but it might pose problems to those who never worked with databases and the command console before.

Provided the JDK package is already installed on the OS, the server can be started by creating a new database (named 'oaql) and configuring the connection details (the size of the RSA key, the host name, the port, additional nodes (if any), database name and login credentials, the maximum number of connections) in the INI file included in the downloaded archive. Creating a new server node and a cluster agent is done by using the console.

OAQL Server can be used for executing various requests and sending them to multiple tables of various databases. It can create a bridge between networks and containers, allowing you to send requests from one cluster to a target database as if they were connected directly.

OAQL Server comes with a variate set of functions that you can use, from simple server information extraction (author, connect / disconnect, session management) to more complex commands for generating exceptions, executing expressions, running statements, managing containers and transactions and many more.

OAQL Server creates linkages between various resources, enabling you to launch commands and execute them across multiple databases. While the configuration process requires a bit of documentation, its approach makes it a useful tool for any database administrator.

OAQL Server was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
OAQL Server - OAQL Server links together various SQL and non-SQL databases, enabling you to submit queries to all

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