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Specifically created to ease the work of developers and designers, this application can run one or more static web servers, so as to work on multiple websites at the same time

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Fenix Web Servers aims to assist developers with their projects, providing a simple way to run and manage multiple static web servers. With its help, they can avoid complex conifgurations of Apache, IIS or NGINX and work on multiple projects at the same time.

Makes it easy to manage servers

Focusing on simplicity and ease of use, the application enables you to manage all the servers from a single interface, with accesible and clear commands and options. With a single click, you can edit the connection properties, erase it from the list, access the action log area, start and stop the server. A running server is automatically assigned a thumbnail, for easier identification.

Creating a new server is a breeze, since all you have to do is assign it a suggestive name, a local directory and specify the port name (you can customize the port number, although Fenix Web Servers is set to automatically detect an available port).

Share content publicly

More advanced users will be glad to know that Fenix Web Servers allows Markdown rendering and features Growl support. Furthermore, it can be used alongside Node.js in order to manage all the servers via the command line.

One of its most important advantages is the possibility to share the content loaded to the web server with others by making it publicly available. A 'localtunnel' URL is assigned to the server, which you can copy and share with anyone, allowing others to access your project's files remotely. For security purposes, all data transfers are secured via SSH.

Thanks to the integrated request browser you can view webhook payloads (JSON, XML), along with detailed information about hosts, IP addresses, used browser agent and so on.

A reliable web server for any developer

Fenix Web Servers helps developers generate web interfaces with ease, managing one or more web servers from within a user-friendly interface. It is a much easy to handle alternative to similar solutions that are much more complex.

It encourages team work and collaboration with the customer by allowing public sharing and helps advanced users manage servers via the command prompt.

Fenix Web Servers was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
Fenix Web Servers - You can view a list of all the servers within the main window of Fenix Web Servers, even if they are not running.Fenix Web Servers - Creating a new server requires you to enter a custom name, a directory to associate and a port number.Fenix Web Servers - With just a click, you can easily start or stop all the servers in the list or create a new server.Fenix Web Servers