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With this basic yet very effective program, you can swiftly setup a simulated environment for web app testing or website testing

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Smart Serv is a lightweight and quite simple to understand piece of software designed specifically to provide you with a method of creating a web server, on which you can test your applications or websites.

Portability advantages

Subsequent to the download process, you can just double-click the executable to run the tool, as it does not require to go through an installation process in order to function, since it is a portable program.

As a result, you can easily store and use Smart Serv from a USB drive or similar memory devices, working with it on the go, whenever you need.

Effortlessly create a web testing environment on your computer

The program’s customization options are indeed quite scarce, leaving very little for you to tinker with. In fact, the only aspect that can be modified about the testing environment that it creates is the port number, so as to avoid potential conflicts with other apps.

To get started, you can place Smart Serv in the root directory of the website or web-based app that you want to test, launch it and configure the preferred port, then open a page in your browser and type in the default address ‘’ (or whichever port number you have opted for).

Ideally, you should then be able to preview the website or app that you want to work with, in order to begin testing its various features. The tool supports both Apache and IIS, meaning you can use with whichever best fulfills your needs.

A useful web server builder

To sum it up, Smart Serv is a handy and user-friendly utility aimed to assist you in creating virtual web servers on which you can test-run your websites or apps, with just a few quick button presses entailed, thus sparing you significant effort.

Smart Serv was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
Smart Serv - Smart Serv is a simple application that can setup a web testing server with just a button press

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