PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control)5.3.2

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Gain control over your commonly used media players as well as other PC features from your smartphone using this practical application

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Those who own smartphones are aware that their phones can perform more complex tasks than simply making calls or sending SMS messages to their contacts. And if PC Remote Control is installed on a computer, these portable handsets can even become a generic computer remote control.

A simple Bluetooth or WiFi connection required

The only condition a phone needs to meet in order to become a universal remote control for Windows is to be Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled, so as to be able to connect to the computer and establish a connection.

Basically, this desktop software solution uses the Bluetooth or Wifi capabilities of any connected

phone, thus making the most of one's mobile phone.

Control media players with your mobile phone

PC Remote Control allows users to gain control over a wide range of multimedia applications, including iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player - users can change the tracks currently played by the chosen program, adjust the volume level or explore artists and albums.

Use your computer from a distance

Additionally, PC Remote Control can also be used to connect to PowerPoint and view the presentation slides on the phone. Moreover, this app can also gain control of the computer mouse cursor, it can reboot or shutdown the OS, lock the computer or launch the screensaver. All these actions can be completed by simply assigning them to buttons on the mobile phone.

Not compatible with all smartphones

On the downside, PC Remote Control can only be used by phones that support Java MIDP2.0, so modern smartphones like Android devices, iPhones and Windows Phone 7 or 8 handsets are not supported.

In conclusion

All in all, PC Remote Control has the potential of turning your mobile phone into a remote controller for your Windows computer, but if you own a smartphone, you might need to look for a similar solution elsewhere.

PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
PC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) - In the main window of PC Remote Control users can enable or disable selected applicationsPC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) - The Events tab can be accesed in order to specify which actions should be performed when the phone is out of rangePC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) - The Settings tab allows users to configure the desktop size on the phone and to set the preferred number of gray coloursPC Remote Control (former Bluetooth Remote Control) - The application allows users to enable Wifi connections and secure them with passwords if convenient

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