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Powerful and flexible application that helps you recognize incoming calls or reject any unwanted ones, by displaying information about each call





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Call Alert! is a reliable piece of software that allows you to manage incoming calls, providing that you have a data, fax or voice modem. The application gives you the possibility to recognize incoming calls without having to answer to them.

By using the Caller ID service, usually provided by most phone companies, the program alerts you whenever a new call arrives towards you, notifying you about the caller’s details, such as name and number. You can customize the alert sounds for each call, depending on the identity of the caller. By disabling any other sounds, you can hear the application ring for certain important calls.

For instance, you can block unwanted calls from telemarketers or any other phone advertisements by adding a number or a section from it to the blacklist. The application will recognize such calls, and disconnect after one ring.

The application can use text-to-speech (TTS) tools to announce whenever someone is calling you. This way, you can hear who is calling without having to be in front of your computer. You can assign images to certain people, so you can better visualize who is calling you.

Call Alert! can use certain call details and forward them to a predefined e-mail address, in order to provide certain contacts or colleagues with quick information about a caller. Furthermore, you can use the application’s address book to store your important contacts, such as friends or work colleagues.

Additionally, you can insert some contacts or phone numbers to a blacklist so that every time they call, the program will automatically disconnect your phone. Using information received from certain phone companies, Call Alert! will easily block certain unwanted callers, so that you will only receive important and relevant calls.
Last updated on June 22nd, 2004
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