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A useful application that was especially created in order to send and receive fax documents using a modem connected to the system

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Keeping a correspondence with any person is now achievable in many ways, just like sharing files and documents is. Some years back, though, the means of communicating and collaborating over the Internet were not as numerous and important papers could be sent and received trough the now outdated faxes.

In order to facilitate the communication and make the transfers more easy to carry out, software solutions like Fax by Modem can still get help users the job done. Even if the interface may be simple and bearing a minimal set of features, the functionality is nonetheless of greater importance.

The only thing one would need to start sending documents of various types is a modem that has to be connected to the PC on which the program is deployed. With that in place, the utility will be able to contact any fax device.

An important mention that has to be made at this time is that on the target computer the Fax Services Windows component has to be installed in order for this tool to function properly. Running the application with administrative privileges is advisable so as to avoid any compatibility problems or other restrictions.

When it comes to transferring files to the remote device, Fax by Modem is able to handle several types of written documents. More precisely, it will send text simple files (TXT), Word documents (DOC), Excel spreadsheets (XLS) as well as rich text format files (RTF).

The list of recipients can be managed with great ease, thanks to the 3 commands available in the main window of the software. Thus, users have the possibility to add new contacts by simply specifying the recipient's name and fax number as well to edit any item on the list or remove it with one click.

To conclude, Fax by Modem is still of use for those with Windows machines running an older operating system (XP or 2000) and relying yet on fax communications.

Fax by Modem was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
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