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Gain full control of your mobile phone from your PC and manage SMS, contacts list, as well as multimedia files with the help of this powerful application

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MOBILedit! gets your mobile phone in touch with your computer in a simple and comfortable way. The program is able to accomplish a generous number of operations, including sending an SMS, email synchronization, contact management, etc.

Gain control of your mobile phone from your PC

The application comes in two editions: Lite, for home use and Forensic, for digital forensic investigations. The latter covers a much smaller user range, while the former is addressed to a larger category.

MOBILedit! Lite creates a connection between your PC and your mobile phone (be it a smart phone or one without an operating system) and allows you to control the mobile content directly from your workstation. This includes managing contacts, media files, documents and even sending SMS messages.

Establish connection through various methods

Installation is not difficult at all, and neither is usage, especially that the software’s friendly interface features large buttons that make it easy to navigate through functions.

Connections are achieved via three methods: cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or InfraRed. There’s nothing complicated about this, since the application features an intuitive and easy-to-use connection creation wizard.

Create custom ringtones for your phone

Here’s a summary of the most important features of MOBILedit! Lite: you’ve got complete control of your phonebook (including printing), you can back up content to the computer or to the cloud, you have access to phone parameters (battery, signal, memory usage) and to speedy transfers. It also features a ringtone / video editor and possibilities to install various apps to the phone from the PC.

To sum it up

In conclusion, MOBILedit! Lite is a great interface between mobile phones and personal computers. It’s very user-friendly, no special skills are required in order to figure out its usage, and its impact on system resources is low. It is able to work with a huge set of phones, not to mention that each software update brings support for more models.

MOBILedit! Lite was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on April 29th, 2015
MOBILedit! Lite - MOBILedit! Lite will help you control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared, or cableMOBILedit! Lite - Users will be able to access options such as Phone, Internet storage, Data file or SIM car reader within the Connection WizardMOBILedit! Lite - The Connection Type step of the wizard will provide users with a list of options like Cable / Bluetooth or Infrared connectionMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! LiteMOBILedit! Lite

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