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Simple application that helps you embed an image slideshow in web pages by adding PNG, GIF and JPG files, playlist files (RSS or XSPF) and transition effects

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JW Image Rotator is a Flash-based image viewer that allows you to embed an image slideshow in web pages with minimum effort. It is a useful tool for displaying multiple images as a single presentation which does not force the user to open multiple links.

This application is created by using JavaScript and modern web technologies in order to be embedded in any website that features multiple images.

Since the visitors usually find it easier to browse the images without leaving the page, the Image Rotator aims to meet their expectation.

Knowledge about web design is required

Although using the rotator requires some basic knowledge about web design, you do not have to be a veteran in order to create a web page that includes the image slideshow. In order to embed the player in HTML documents you just need to copy the files to a folder and the code to the page that you want to improve.

Support for different image formats

You can customize the player output by specifying the playlist that includes the images in the code pasted in the web page. It supports PNG, GIF and JPG files and can also load the images from other playlist formats such as RSS or XSPF.

Default and advanced settings

While the casual users can settle for using the default settings or just adjusting the size and content, the experienced developers can take advantage of the flashvar support for adjusting the player behavior.

Apply random transition effects

The random transition effects applied when advancing to the next image of the slideshow makes the presentation fluid and captures the attention of the viewer. One can also play the image sequence in full screen mode or manually navigate to a certain image.

Bottom line

If you need to create a slideshow that includes multiple images and file formats, JW Image Rotator can help you embed it in your website. Unfortunately, some of the documentation links are no longer available, which hinders the users who need to learn the advanced usage options.

JW Image Rotator was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 14th, 2014

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