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A cascade style sheet editor that enables you to create and modify CSS files, as well as check if the code is valid and in accordance with web standards

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CSS is what makes modern websites look nice, thanks to the table-less design capabilities that are much lighter on the bandwidth and spare the server precious loading times.

Style Master enables you to create and edit CSS code files to attach to your HTML documents, as well as validate their code to check if they are in conformity with web standards.

Create style sheets using automatic wizards

The application allows you to create style sheets from already existing HTML files, by importing them into the program and automatically defining divs, classes and selectors. This function is especially useful for those who are not very experienced with the CSS language and need a push start.

You can also use the “New style sheet wizard” option to go step-by-step through the creation of a style sheet and customize the appearance of links, text, page properties and headings throughout your HTML document. Style Master delivers a few website and blog templates you can choose from as well, which enable you to create a full website directory on your hard disk.

Edit element properties and create new statements

Every element in a CSS document has certain properties attached to it, such as font type and color for text, height and width for background images and style for borders. All of these can be easily modified using the compact editor integrated into Style Master.

Statements are represented by every type of selector that you might find in a style sheet, including classes, IDs and links. The application allows you to list all of the available statements found within the document, as well as edit them or create new ones from scratch.


Although CSS is not a particularly difficult language, it can still take a long amount of time to complete more lengthy projects that require a lot of separated style sheets. Style Master enables you to quickly create CSS files from HTML documents and pre-designed templates, which saves you a great deal of time.

Style Master was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
Style Master - You can open and view CSS files in the main window of the application, along with the element properties and a statement list.Style Master - The File menu enables you to create a new style sheet from scratch, or build it from a pre-made HTML document.Style Master - You can insert comments and replace words by accessing the Edit menu of the application.Style Master - screenshot #4Style Master - screenshot #5Style Master - screenshot #6Style Master - screenshot #7Style Master - screenshot #8Style Master - screenshot #9Style Master - screenshot #10Style Master - screenshot #11Style Master - screenshot #12Style Master - screenshot #13Style Master - screenshot #14

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