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Formats the results of Emailed WEB Forms to make the data they contain more usable / readable






The WEB Form Text Formatter application was designed to be a small program that formats the results of a Emailed WEB Form.

For example, if a user fills out a WEB Page Form, such as a customer survey, and then the completed form is Emailed to another user (such as an administrator of the WEB Page), the WEB form data will arrive looking something like this :


i.e. the data is almost complete gibberish !

However, after Copying & Pasting this text into the WEB Form Formatter, and pressing the "Process Text" button, the data will look like this :

Your Name = Moose
Your Email Address = moose@maximum.net
Today's Date = 11-Nov-2002
Game = Tutankham

i.e. the data is now understandable and usable.

If the "Show Text after '=' only" checkbox is toggled, then the WEB Form Formatter will format the data as follows :


which might be more useful for some people.

BTW, the above form data is the output of a Survey Form that used to be on my WEB Page to enable people to vote for their favourite Arcade Game.

You can open emails that contain emailed web form data, and select it all and paste it into WEB Form Formatter and process it. Or, if you have used the "Create Shortcut on SendTo Menu" option under the file menu, then you can save the form data to file, and right mouse click on it and send it to Form_Pro directly.
Last updated on April 25th, 2009
WEB Form Text Formatter - The main window of WEB Form Text Formatter allows you to paste the text to formatWEB Form Text Formatter - The File tab window of  Form Text Formatter allows you to set the startup options

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