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This simple and efficient program was developed specifically for installing the D-Link DCS-5300G IP camera, for surveillance purposes

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D-Link DCS-5300G Camera Installation Wizard is a user-friendly software solution created to offer you the means of successfully setting up your video surveillance device, enabling you to monitor your office or home, even from afar.

Basic yet practical user interface

The main window enables you to automatically detect the camera, displaying its various configuration details, prior to letting you operate it to its full potential.

D-Link DCS-5300G Camera Installation Wizard, despite its name, hardly functions as a wizard, as there are no steps for you to follow, you just allow the program to detect the IP camera, then press on the ‘Link To Selected Devices’ button in its interface.

Swiftly install your surveillance camera and view the images in a web browser

The program is only able to function with compatible devices, after they have been connected to your system and their corresponding drivers have been configured, in order to make them recognizable by D-Link DCS-5300G Camera Installation Wizard.

You also have the option of manually adding your camera, by entering its IP address and port number. Finally, you can click on ‘Link To Selected Devices’ and your default web browser will open a page where you can view the captured images, allowing you to start using the camera however you may want, thus completing its setup.

Handy DCS-5300G installer

To summarize, D-Link DCS-5300G Camera Installation Wizard is a simple and easy to understand application meant to help you finalize the setup of your video capturing device, so you can start the surveillance of security-sensitive facilities.

D-Link DCS-5300G Camera Installation Wizard was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
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