Toshiba Web Camera Application

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Intuitive program suitable for Toshiba devices that come with a webcam, as you can capture frames, record clips and activate the 2D or 3D mode

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If you own a laptop, you probably want to make sure you can enjoy all its features without any issues, so you might want to download dedicated software programs for each of its functions, such as Toshiba Web Camera Application that can help you enhance your webcam.

Support only for several Toshiba devices

It should be mentioned from the beginning that this software utility solution is not compatible with all Toshiba devices, so you need to check the developer’s website before running it on your PC.

Moreover, only certain versions of the app are supported by specific operating system editions, so these details have to be double-checked otherwise the utility will not run properly on your computer. You can still use your laptop’s webcam even if you choose not to install this app, but you only get access to the standard basic functions.

Capture frames, record clips and activate the 2D or 3D mode

Once you install it, you can preview the stream is currently being recorded by the webcam, capture frame or record videos. Furthermore, not only does the application support 2D mode, you can also use it in Shutter Glasses 3D or Red-Cyan Glasses 3D modes, depending on your necessities.

Its functions become available once you hover the mouse cursor over the webcam video, as several icons are displayed so that taking a snapshot is as simple as clicking the corresponding icon. You can then explore the created webcam album by accessing the proper section - you can copy the stills you like most or you can share them on social networks.

Bottom line

To sum it up, Toshiba Web Camera Application can be a great addition to your laptop, especially if you like to record the videos you are streaming and you want to occasionally take snapshots.

Toshiba Web Camera Application was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 2nd, 2014
Toshiba Web Camera Application - Toshiba Web Camera Application can help you capture snapshots, record videos or switch to 3D mode

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