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A lightweight piece of software that you can effortlessly use to capture images from a webcam that is connected to your computer

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Web Camera Shooter is an application designed to help you capture screens from your webcam and save them on your computer as .png images. With it you can take pictures using your webcam and add one of many available effects before you save them.

Easy to use

Web Camera Shooter is one of those apps that works on a simple operating principle and that makes it accessible to anyone.

One thing that needs to be said right from the start is that there are no drop-down or context menus which you can access in order to understand how the application works. To help you avoid wasting a couple of minutes by clicking around the main window of Web Camera Shooter or by looking for some documentation we’ll tell you that pressing the F1 key provides everything you need to know.

Doing that displays the only two indications for how the app works. You press Pause/ Break to capture the webcam image and clicking anywhere on its surface triggers the ‘Save to’ function.

Some effects to enhance the capture

When you create a new capture, the main window of Web Camera Shooter expands and provides a list of effects which you can add to the image. You are also able to preview them before saving the 640 by 480 pixel image to a custom destination on your computer.

You get effects such as ‘Sepia’, ‘Black and white’, ‘Neon glow’, ‘Watercolor’, ‘Invert’ and clicking one from the list automatically applies it to the full resolution image for a better view of the result.


To wrap it up, Web Camera Shooter might not be a feature packed tool and it certainly doesn’t offer any jaw-dropping features but if you have a good webcam and want to take a few snaps of whatever you have in front of it, then it will suffice.

Web Camera Shooter was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
Web Camera Shooter - The main window of Web Camera Shooter lets you capture images from your webcam

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