HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync)

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Easily synchronize your HTC device with your Outlook contacts as well as web browser bookmarks between your computer and your phone

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The early 90s were the starting point in the development of smartphones. Basically, a mobile phone has to provide a calendar, an address book, a world clock, a calculator, a note pad and an email client in order to be considered to be a smartphone.

Add a camera and other must-have features nowadays and you have the phone that most of the people say (and really mean) that they cannot live without a phone. That particular phone is, usually, a smartphone.

In time, many operating systems have been created to support the hardware of smartphones while assuring a harmonious experience for users.

A piece of history

While the first device that has been labeled as a `smartphone` was Ericsson's concept phone GS88, the first smartphone to receive the 2008 launched Android OS was the HTC Dream. Since then, HTC (formerly High Tech Computer Corporation) has continuously produced innovative models and slowly entered the top ranks amongst the `big boys` of the business.

Being one of the companies that actively manufacture mobile phones on all major platforms, from PDA phones and Windows Mobile to Android and Windows 7 devices, HTC was bound to release an official application for its users' need to synchronize their calendar, email, contacts or projects and back up their photos and videos. In the end, by doing this, you actually protect the valuable data you collect on a daily basis. Moreover, in case of loss or theft, you still have everything you need at hand.

HTC Sync Manager, formerly known as HTC Sync, is the tool you are looking for when searching for the right application to satisfy your synchronizing desires. It works with both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express for the contact and schedule side of it and only requires a valid USB connection between your HTC device and your PC.

Friendly interface and simple usage

It comes with the necessary drivers to establish the link when you plug your HTC in and delivers a clean yet attractive interface. Once the connection is set, you are asked to enter a name for your device and then you're ready to go.

The program's GUI keeps all of its features in one place, making it easy-to-use in any of the available operations. The top of the screen provides one-click access to your phone's contents, sorting files in separate folders for music, photos and documents.

The left part hosts lists of options, while the right side loads up your current selection. You can browse through sections of your phone, explore galleries and videos, listen to music and create new playlists with ease.

Automatic synchronization options

Aside from media management options, the software also provides data transfer capabilities, allowing fast synchronization of contacts and calendar items, bookmarks and documents on successful phone connection. Everything is safely backed up and ready to be updated to your phone.

Another feature worth mentioning is the `Application installer` that takes your PC stored mobile programs and deploys them to your phone. Once you finish setting up what to sync within the application, the top right button is where everything starts. It also turns into a progress bar during the synchronization operation.

Reliable and advanced backup software

HTC Sync Manager packs all the right tools and features under its hood. It wraps the basics and more advanced options within an intuitive interface. In just a few steps, it allows you to perform file transfers and data synchronizations, which makes it the number one choice for the majority of the HTC community. It keeps your mobile device in sync with your PC and at the end of the day, that's what it's meant to do.

HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync) was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 23rd, 2015
HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync) - You can use HTC Sync Manager to easily download phone software updates and manage multimedia files from your PC.HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync) - HTC Sync Manager can easily create playlists that can be then synced with your phone and enjoyed on the go.HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync) - From the right-click menu users can access song information and open the file location in Windows Explorer.HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync) - screenshot #4HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync) - screenshot #5

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