iPhone Configuration Utility

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A straightforward app that enables you to create as many configuration profiles as you wish and set your iPhone the way you want

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iPhone Configuration Utility is a reliable and useful software solution that helps you to create configuration profiles, which define how iOS devices will work with your systems.

With the help of iPhone Configuration Utility you have the possibility to encrypt and install configuration profiles, track all the profiles and apps, as well as to capture device data.

Before using this application and creating new configuration files, you must know that these profiles are XML files that contain critical information about security policies and restrictions, Wi-Fi settings and authentication credentials. Thus, if you do not know exactly what are these configuration files for, or don’t know how to work with, you should inform more before creating them.

These configuration profiles can be installed on devices connected to a computer via USB or you can distribute them by e-mail or on a webpage.

The main window of iPhone Configuration Utility enables you to browse for configuration profiles and set various policies. You have the possibility to specify settings related to the application and content restrictions, configure how the device connects through a wireless network, including the necessary authentication information, as well as to define settings for connecting to LDAP servers.

Also, you have the possibility to remove and update configuration profiles, as well. All the managed profiles will be updated or changed as you wish using a MDM server. As long as the profile identifier matches with the old configuration profile, the new profile will automatically replace the old one. Still, you must be aware that when removing a configuration profile, you will also remove all the existing policies and information associated with the profile.

On an ending note, iPhone Configuration Utility manages to create various configuration profiles that can be assigned for each user or enterprise system and capture device information, such as console logs.

iPhone Configuration Utility was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 30th, 2013
iPhone Configuration Utility - iPhone Configuration Utility will help you configure your iPhone the way you wantiPhone Configuration Utility - The Devices section will allow users to access the configuration  / provisioning profiles as well as their applications and even the consoleiPhone Configuration Utility - Users will be able to fully-customize the configuration profiles to match their preferencesiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration UtilityiPhone Configuration Utility

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