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An easy to configure Android emulation utility that features high 3D performance and allows users to fully control the Android device

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Whether you are an enthusiastic Android developer who needs a virtual environment to test your applications on or just want to take a device you intend on purchasing for a test drive, Genymotion is the application that can be the answer you are looking for.

It provides you with a full-featured Android emulator that combines simplicity with advanced 3D performance in order to help you get the whole Android experience. Relying on the OpenGL technology, the emulator runs smoothly, no matter the device you select.

Support for all devices with Android and cloud storage

The application provides support for all the main Android devices available on the market, enabling you to test your applications on various handsets and identify compatibility issues.

Each virtual device is downloaded and deployed from the Genymotion cloud and integrated within the emulator. All the stored entries can be easily managed using the comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

Actions you can perform

The emulator allows you to truly enjoy the advantages of an Android device. You can download and install applications from the Play Store, access the “Settings” section and perform modifications, place apps and widgets on the desktop or launch one of the predefined apps that the device comes with.

Connect to the Android SDK or Eclipse and control all device sensors

It offers you full control over powerful device sensors and functioning parameters, such as the battery, the gyroscope, the accelerometer, virtual keyboard, camera, light, volume, temperature, screen rotation and so on. It enables you to customize Wi-Fi and networking settings, while the Genymotion command shell allows the simultaneous testing of apps on an unlimited number of virtual devices.

The emulator can be automatically connected to the Android SDK and Eclipse integration is possible thanks to the Genymotion plugin.

A last assessment

Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems, adopting a permissive licensing model that allows enthusiastic developers to explore its capabilities and create astonishing applications. Genymotion is capable of improving their workflow with its solid performance and good response, providing a reliable and practical emulator for Android.

Genymotion was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
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