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A straightforward and accessible solution if you are looking to easily flash ROMs onto a Samsung mobile device in a few simple steps

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Heimdall Suite is a piece of software especially developed for those who need to flash the firmware of Samsung mobile devices. With it you are able to access and overwrite existing firmware data that is contained in the modules.

Plain and comprehensive interface

Heimdall Suite is comprised of two separate applications that you will be using throughout the entire process. The first, Zadig, enables you to install a driver that is required to make the data transfer between your PC and mobile phone, while the other, Heimdall provides the actual work environment.

Both of these display simple and seemingly rough cut GUI designs but which prove to be extremely easy to make out and use as long as you are familiar with the technicalities of a flashing process.

Two ways to flash your Samsung device’s firmware

Both methods are rather easy to apply if you follow the instructions which come with the application suite. The first implies the use of a Heimdall Firmware Package which you use to perform the flash. To do so, all you need is to load the firmware package into the application, verify if your device supports it (the answer to this should be displayed in a special section of the application) and if you have a green light to continue, then all that is left is to put your device in download mode, plug it into the PC and click the ‘Start’ button.

The second method is reserved for advanced users with a higher level of knowledge in the matter as it involves the use of PIT files to flash partitions.

A solution to firmware updates that comes with some risks

Whether you’ve done this before or not, it’s common sense to know that flashing a device is always risky no matter what software you use. For this reason, before you attempt a flash, it’s highly recommended that you create a complete backup for your Samsung device.

Heimdall Suite was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
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