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An efficient and easy to use application designed to help you update the drivers on your LG phone, saving you valuable time and effort

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LGMobile Support Tool is a software utility addressed to owners of LG mobile phones, offering dedicated tools to update the firmware of each connected device.

As we all know, installing the latest firmware version on your mobile phone makes it not only faster but also more stable, so LGMobile Support Tool plays a pretty important role.

Automatic detection of device model

It needs a USB connection between the system and the mobile phone, allowing you to download, aside from the newer firmware (if one is available) the user's manual for your device.

The application automatically identifies the handheld and displays the information in the main window, including country, model and version. Additionally, if the USB drivers aren't installed, LGMobile Support Tool takes care of that job for you too.

Simple-to-handle GUI

The whole program is pretty easy to use and although installing the latest firmware on a mobile phone may sound like a pretty difficult job for many users out there, LGMobile Support Tool makes everything easy as pie.

Obviously, an Internet connection is a must have, so in case something goes wrong, you should have a look at the main window where you also get information on the connection status in a dedicated panel.

A final evaluation

LGMobile Support Tool runs on low resources and you don't need more than a decent computer to use it. It gets along pretty well with Windows 7 and administrator privileges are not required.

To sum up, LGMobile Support Tool is a handy piece of software that should be used by any LG mobile phone owner out there. It's easy to use and makes the firmware updating job a matter of minutes.

LG Mobile Support Tool was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
LG Mobile Support Tool - The main window of LG Mobile Support Tool guides users through the process of connecting their device to the computerLG Mobile Support Tool - The Enter the phone info window enables users to perform an upgrade recovery on their device

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