Siemens Mobile Phone Manager

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Comfortable management of extended Siemens mobile phone's functionality

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All major mobile phone producing companies issue software dedicated to manage various phone models. Siemens makes no exception and brought an excellent application that can handle the contents of mobile devices carrying their logo.

The installation process is not complicated, but requires a computer restart. In order to test and enjoy its functionality, the first step is to connect your phone via the USB data cable or the Infrared adapter. If the connection is successful, Siemens Mobile Phone Manager automatically recognizes your phone model and from now on, you can fully experience the advantages of exploring your phone via your computer.

The primary goal of Siemens Mobile Phone Manager is to enable users to play or transfer media content from your phone to your system. You can also copy contacts between two different phones to / from Microsoft Outlook, move numbers and addresses from multiple Siemens mobiles phones to your own, or send a SMS/EMS directly from a PC (typing on the computer's keyboard is much easier than dealing with the phone's keyboard).

In addition, you can look over the file system of your Siemens, and use the GPRS Modem tool to connect to the Internet in a matter of seconds. The Images feature can be used to design new logos, backgrounds and screensavers, while accessing and managing audio files is done in a comfortable and stress-free manner.

The SmartSync utility provides the possibility to synchronize Outlook / Lotus Notes with your mobile quickly (Outlook must be set to work in ‘Corporate or Workgroup’ mode in order to work properly).

To conclude, Siemens Mobile Phone Manager is a friendly application that makes it easy to manage phone contacts and media content from your desktop.

Siemens Mobile Phone Manager was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 8th, 2012
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