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Sony Ericsson Image Editor - Use this program to resize the images you want to the appropriate size and format of your phone

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Sony Ericsson Image Editor provides older Sony Ericsson device owners with a pretty straight-forward application that has one and only goal and that is getting your favorite pictures from the screen of your monitor to the screen of your mobile phone.

Although Sony Ericsson is no more with Sony buying the stock share of Ericsson in 2012, the mobile phones they created back in the day can still be found in the hands of many people willing to change the background wallpaper of their device to one of their very own choice.

First thing first, Sony Ericsson Image Editor supports quite a number of phones including the P800/802, P900/908, T226, the T230 series, T300/306, T310/312/316, the T610 series, T68 or Z600. Any other device other than the ones listed above cannot be properly used with this application, thus we would recommend trying the Sony Ericsson PC Suite software instead.

Once you have connected your mobile phone to your computer and start the application, it automatically looks for any supported device and connects to it. Also, your phone model appears in the right side of the main interface window and every time you load up an image file, it is also displayed on the screen on your particular model for preview purposes.

Upon image loading, the software displays a red rectangle depicting the area which will be transformed into the mobile phone’s background image. This way, you can select any part of your favorite pictures for your device wallpapers. You can easily zoom in or out of the picture in order to grab the exact scope you like, while also modifying the brightness, contrast and colors.

Sony Ericsson Image Editor comes in handy to a specific segments of Sony Ericsson mobile phone owners and although this segment is not quite large, this application does what it is supposed to and does it rather brilliantly.

Sony Ericsson Image Editor was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 10th, 2013
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