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A useful audio filter that was especially designed in order to provide users with a means of having decoded the AAC audio stream from apps that use ACM codecs

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Using a media player to listen to some music tracks or activating sounds in a game and other kinds of software applications is not always sufficient to hear the audio data. It is necessary that onto your system the appropriate codecs and filters are installed, so they can decode the incoming stream.

For those who have to deal with AAC audio that originates from apps that use ACM codecs, a very simple solution would be to install the AAC ACM Codec onto their PCs. This little system component can prove quite valuable because it will take care of decoding the streams, regardless of their source as long as they are in AAC format.

There is just a single thing that you will have to take care of and it is the actual installation, which can be made in more than one way. For those who want to take the fast route, after unzipping the archive that contains all the necessary files, simply follow the instructions from the documentation included in the archive.

There are two Batch files (BAT) inside the AAC ACM Codec package, one for 32-bit systems and another for computers with 64-bit architecture. Running those executable files will result in the immediate registration of the codec onto the PC and it becomes available on the spot.

You should note that in case you have an older version of the codec installed, it is highly recommended to uninstall it before adding the new one. This way, you can avoid potential incompatibility issues, especially if you reboot the system at the end of the procedure.

To conclude, AAC ACM Codec is definitely a must have for all those who want to hear loud and clear the sounds that come from programs using ACM codecs.

AAC ACM Codec was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
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