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A lightweight and efficient application aimed to assist you in converting MIDI audio files to WAV format, also enabling you to listen to them

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TiMidity++ is an handy albeit fairly basic piece of software that was developed provide you with simple means of converting MIDI files to other audio formats, enabling you to also play them whenever you like.

Portability advantages

The application does not require installation, which means that once the download process is complete, you can just decompress the file and run the executable.

As a consequence, you can store TiMidity++ on a removable memory device and run it on any compatible system without a problem, leaving no trace behind when deleted.

Effortlessly play your MIDI files or convert them to WAVE format

TiMidity++ allows you to open a MIDI file or an entire folder at once, being able to listen to the songs in real time, but also turn them to WAVE, so you can work with them in other situations, unrestricted.

You can create a playlist with multiple songs to be rendered in queue. The program features a wide array of sound effects which you can apply to your files, for instance ‘Reverb’, ‘Chorus’, ‘Delay’, ‘Lowpass Filter’, even allowing you to emulate a specific MIDI module.

Moreover, TiMidity++ helps you configure the ‘Output Encoding’, being able to choose the ‘Precision’ values (8, 16 or 24 bit), the channels and the sample rate. After having created a set of preferences, you can save them to your PC, to INI format, to reuse them in the future, with other MIDI files.

A useful MIDI player

To sum it up, TiMidity++ is a intuitive albeit rather limited utility whose main purpose is to help you render MIDI format files on your computer, as well as convert them to WAV, in just a few swift moves of your mouse.

TiMidity++ was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 18th, 2014
TiMidity++ - You can use the main window of the application to load the files you want to convert.TiMidity++ - You can save / load ini files and reload the configuration file from the Config menu.TiMidity++ - TiMidity++ is an application that allows you to choose the output you want to use.TiMidity++ - screenshot #4TiMidity++ - screenshot #5TiMidity++ - screenshot #6TiMidity++ - screenshot #7TiMidity++ - screenshot #8

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