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Record sound from a connected microphone and save the file as WAV or MP3, configure quality, and set recording schedule with this practical app

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One of the activities involved in music making is recording. This can even be done from your laptop or home PC, given you have a connected microphone. Windows puts a basic recording utility at your disposal, but in case you need a larger variety of options, applications Fox Magic Audio Recorder might just be what you’re looking for.

Simple visuals and quick accommodation

On the visual side of things, the application stores all of its features in a pretty compact main window. A simple, classic window layout is used, which isn’t uncomfortable, but rather makes accommodation a walk in the park. Options are easy to configure, letting even inexperienced individuals get the hang of it from the first few seconds.

The application is meant to record anything your microphone is able to capture, but given the right set of tools or programs, it can be configured to also record speaker sound. The device is chosen from a drop-down menu, with the possibility to access some advanced options in order to configure bit rate type, sample, number of channels, as well as encoding quality.

Configure quality and output format

A custom location needs to be set, and this is easily done through the built-in browse dialog. Moreover, a volume slider lets you set the level of decibels for the recording, while input is used to determine whether external devices are connected, or you need to rely on system features, such as master volume.

Unlike the Windows audio recording tool, this application can also record as MP3 files. The name is custom, with options to add sequential numbers in case more sessions save files in the same location. What’s more, you can use a timer in order to let the application to record while you’re away. Sadly, silence detection is not implemented, neither in the recording session nor scheduler.

A few last words

Bottom line is that the Windows audio recording tool isn’t fitted with quite what you need. Although not a professional approach on audio capture, Fox Magic Audio Recorder manages to live up to expectations, providing an intuitive set of tools with which to effortlessly record any sound you can hear, under a couple of different file formats.

Fox Magic Audio Recorder was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
Fox Magic Audio Recorder - This is the main window of Fox Magic Audio Recorder where you need to specify the output folder, then start recording.Fox Magic Audio Recorder - You have the possibility to change the audio settings by adjusting the audio input, the mp3 encoder and the encoding quality.Fox Magic Audio Recorder - Fox Magic Audio Recorder enables you to use a timer that will capture any sounds within the period you set.

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