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A simple and easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to record, edit, convert or play audio files, as well as extract songs from CDs

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RockN Audio is a powerful software utility that enables you to record sounds that go through the sound card embedded into your computer. Besides recording sounds, you can edit, convert and play audio files, as well as rip them from your CDs.

Record and convert sounds to various audio formats

Because of its user-friendly interface that features a tabbed layout, you can easily access all the main functions of the application. Thus, you have the possibility to record your own voice using a microphone and sounds that come out of your speakers or headphones. Also, you don't need to install drivers that are compatible with your sound card, because the recorder uses the Wasapi (Windows Audio Session API) feature.

There are no limits of how many hours you want to spend recording sounds. Plus, you have the option of pausing and playing at any time your recording, as well as save the recorded sound as a WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, AIF, AU, RAW or FLAC file.

Powerful audio editor

Apart from the commonly known select, cut, copy, paste and delete functions, you can split files using marker points, mix sounds, change waveform display options or colors. Effects such as chorus, echo, reverb, flanger, fade in or out can be applied to your recording, also you can control noise levels and audio frequencies with the help of a series of built-in filters.

Efficient CD ripper, converter and audio player

You can rip certain or all the tracks from your CDs, but keep in mind that you are limited to only WAV and MP3 formats. Newly recorded sounds can be batch-converted to formats that are compatible with your media players. In addition, you can edit audio ID tags and export images as BMP files. Finally, use the audio player to create playlists of your favorite tunes, adjust the song's volume, tempo or pitch rate, improve audio quality and apply effects.

All things considered, RockN Audio is a handy and richly-featured audio editor that both experienced and novice users can benefit from.

RockN Audio was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
Last updated on July 27th, 2014
RockN Audio - The main window of the application allows you to record, edit, convert or play audio filesRockN Audio - Sounds can be recorded from a loopback device or from a physical input device, such as a microphoneRockN Audio - From the File menu of the Edit Audio section, you can open an audio file and use markers to split the fileRockN Audio - Various functions can be used to copy, cut, paste, select or delete audio files, as well as mix them togetherRockN Audio - You can change the background and foreground color of the wave form and edit the right or left audio channelRockN Audio - screenshot #6RockN Audio - screenshot #7RockN Audio - screenshot #8RockN Audio - screenshot #9RockN Audio - screenshot #10RockN Audio - screenshot #11RockN Audio - screenshot #12RockN Audio - screenshot #13

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