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You can use this intuitive and reliable tool to make your custom music mixes spiced with scratches, scats, raps and other sounds

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DJ Mix Master is an efficient and easy to use application meant to offer you advanced DJ skills and abilities from a single panel, allowing you to impress friends and family at parties by creating a memorable atmosphere through music.

The utility can use used without a problem even by the less experienced, as it does not require much knowledge in the field. Additionally, you can learn to handle it quite rapidly just by fiddling with it for a bit.

The tabbed interface enables you to switch back and forth between the 'Playlist', 'Sample List' and 'Cue List'. In the first tab, you can add the audio files you want to render, supporting MP3, WMA, AIF, OGG and WAV files. Also, you have some basic functions, namely 'Pause', 'Stop, '5 Seconds Forward' and '5 Seconds Back'.

You can load an entire folder at once and reorder the items in the list just by dragging them from one place to the other. The playlist you create can be saved and used on another occasion.

The program provides you with a wide array of 'Effects' to choose from and apply to your music mix, either using the slider or the menu. As such, you can adjust the 'Volume' and 'Balance', as well as the 'Tempo', 'Semitone Pitch', 'Gradual Pitch' or the 'Mixing Interval' to preferred values.

At the same time, the 'Reset' button allows you to restore them to their default levels with just one click. Moreover, the 'Sample List' section enables you to render other vocals or sounds, recorded by you or from different sources, simultaneous with another song that is being played.

Aside from a few small but sufficiently annoying responsiveness issues, DJ Mix Master is quite useful in helping you become the DJ you always wanted to be, without all the expensive equipment, all from in front of your computer.

DJ Mix Master was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 23rd, 2014
DJ Mix Master - The main interface allows users to load playlists and adjust volume, balance, tempo, pitch for audio files.DJ Mix Master - In the Sample list you can choose between the program's samples or load different playlists.DJ Mix Master - The Cue List tab allows users to select from up to eight cue files to play from.

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