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A smart MP3 player that also includes automatic mixing capabilities, allowing users to turn their computers into smart jukeboxes

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DJ Mix Pro is a simple MP3 player with mixing capabilities. It can be used to create large playlists and to perform beat matching and cross fading between songs. It’s important to state that while mixing the audio files, it does not alter them in any way.

The installation process is smooth, takes very little while and ends with the launch of the program. Unlike most DJ-ing applications that sport a complex and sometimes crowded interface, the GUI of DJ Mix Pro is extremely simple and intuitive.

Its features include Beatlock, which translates into the fact that it automatically detects the BPM of songs, so it easily identifies which ones can be mixed together.

Optionally you can play with the BPM a little, by dividing, shifting or doubling it. Also, you can insert a fade at the beginning and ending of a song, as well as modify its pitch (from -10% to +10% - which is actually very effective).

One disadvantage comes from the fact that moving each slide bar can become frustrating at times, since it requires some good precision if you don't want it to jump back to the initial position.

You can choose between automatic and manual mixing, whatever suits you best. Secondary features include the possibility to display song information, an equalizer and the ability to export the playlist.

The simplicity of DJ Mix Pro is more than obvious, which is why it’s addressed to beginners and home users. Professional DJs might find better assistants in more advanced tools.

DJ Mix Pro was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 19th, 2015
DJ Mix Pro - This is the main window of DJ Mix Pro where you can add the audio tracks you are interested inDJ Mix Pro - This is the way you will be able to adjust the equalizer for each of the tracksDJ Mix Pro - The Action menu will enable you to easily start beatlocking or to visualize the equalizerDJ Mix Pro - screenshot #4DJ Mix Pro - screenshot #5DJ Mix Pro - screenshot #6DJ Mix Pro - screenshot #7DJ Mix Pro - screenshot #8

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