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DrumStation is a virtual drum computer and groove studio for your PC.

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This application is a drum software synthesizer that may come in very handy to all users who wish to create their very own beats and breaks and then import them into another music producing program.

Compared to other famous software solutions out there, Drum Station bundles and impressive array of features that could make your tunes sound great.

The interface is plain classic and in case you're already part of the music industry, you shouldn't encounter too many problems with it.

Beginners however can always go over to the Help section and read the adjacent documentation, but keep in mind that you need an Internet connection to do that because all files are stored on the official website of the developer.

The application offers a total of eight channels, together with drum samples / effects for each of them. Additionally, it boasts a step sequencer with 384 entries, as well as dedicated tools to slice and stretch the loops. Effects include real-time reverb, delay, flanger, filter and distortion.

Each of the created tunes can always be saved locally as WAV files to be then used in any other music producing software solution, with the application offering superior audio quality, close to the one of a CD.

Also, there's a minimalist Setup menu that offers access to just four options, as it follows: output, frequency, resolution and block.

Of course, Drum Station runs on low computer resources and on all Windows versions out there.

All in all, this application could be very useful to a handful of users out there and since it comes at no cost, it has all the chances to succeed.

Drum Station DT-010 was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 30th, 2013
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