RolloSONIC 1.1.2

Provides fluidly dynamic, mouse based, modular sound synthesis
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RolloSONIC is a very interesting tool - provides fluidly dynamic, mouse based, modular sound synthesis.

While other software based synthesis systems are limited to a select few modules and can only use MIDI input to control the oscillators, RolloSONIC provides you with options and extensibility. With RolloSONIC, you can create as many instances of each of the provided 17 modules as you need, and unlike the others, RolloSONIC allows you to create sound from your mouse movement.

RolloSONIC calculates, in real-time, 14 different control values from your mouse movement. The control values from the mouse movement and from the control-value generating modules can be used to dynamically adjust most every setting on every module - with configurable sensitivity-of-control. This allows for a virtually unlimited number of configurations and sounds to be generated.

Since all the settings on all the modules are readily visible at all times, you can quickly see the configuration and not have to worry about remembering what's hidden on some settings dialog somewhere.

With RolloSONIC's to-the-point and intuitive user-interface and modular connection system, you can create complex configurations in just several minutes of playing with it - no need to read a book on which component gets its input from which, as all components are named (you can even change the names) and you simply choose the name of the component for which a given one gets its input in a simple drop-down box. 

Main features:

  • Mouse controlled synthesis - Make sounds simply by moving your mouse
  • Fully modular system - Create an unlimited number of modules and route control and sound data through as many modules as needed
  • Stand-alone - Works with standard drivers and runs on its own - works with standard hardware - no hosting software needed
  • CPU-efficient - Developed on a 733-Mhz PIII, CPU-efficiency was a must
  • MIDI-input capable - Control the frequency (tone) generation via your MIDI keyboard and/or sequencer
  • Audio-input capable - Add real-time effects to your microphone and/or other sound card based audio input
  • True 128-note polyphony per oscillator - Play as many as 128 notes simultaneously via a single oscillator - automatic, no configuration necessary
  • Real-time input and output latency control on main dialog - Adjust the latency in real-time from the main dialog for optimum response, quickly adjust for current conditions
  • Simultaneous multi-device capable - Take audio in, put audio out, and receive MIDI notes from multiple devices simultaneously
  • 64-bit floating point, internal processing (per channel) - Harmonize overdrives and correct underdrives without loss of quality... even bring back dead echos!
  • User-interface is colour-configurable - Make the user-interface fit your style and/or the particular situation and mood
  • 100% proprietary synthesis - No part of the synthesis-system was derived from any previously existing synthesizers, algorithms, or systems

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June 22nd, 2014, 13:43 GMT
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Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003 / 2008
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5 Screenshots
What's New in version 1.1
  • Changes:
  • Optional real-time modular output indicators
  • minimisability for modules
  • eleven glitches removed
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