VirtualDek PRO 1.02

PC based DJ mixing
VirtualDek Pro is a PC DJ mixing software that displays two virtual turntables, each one with pitch control, audio effects and more..

It incorporates controls found on a real DJ mixer including a stylish Cross-Fader and level controls for each channel, these include: Deck 1, Deck2, Monitor, Aux/Mic-In and Master Out. Mix your tracks together like never before with the Power of VirtualDek.

VirtualDek offers the same environment and feel as the real thing. This is made possible by the way VirtualDek is designed having a five channel mixer and the ability to include live effects and vocals on the fly.

VirtualDek features a VoiceOver option that ducks the level of the music while you talk into the microphone, giving you a proffessional touch that no other software can offer.

VirtualDek has a unique feature not found in other DJ software - it is called LR Monitoring. With LR Monitor, your standard stereo speaker configuration is split into 2 channels, the Left becomes the Monitor and the Right becomes the Master out.

Although the Monitor and Master out are monitored in Mono (L+R) through the left and right speakers, your mix is still recorded in glorious stereo. The LR Monitor feature is paramount if you wish your mix to sound proffessional. With LR Monitor, only the Master Out is heard by the audience while the Monitor and Cueing is kept for your ears only.

Almost all DJ's know that you need headphones to monitor the other deck before cross-fading, therefore, VirtualDek's LR Monitor feature makes all of this possible, where other mixing software does not.

VirtualDek features a fully integrated 24-bit software mixer for proffesional sounding results. The core mixer engine includes four in-channels (deck1, deck2, monitor, Aux/Mic-In), two group-busses and one master out.

VirtualDek comes complete with its own digital recorder having a built-in file manager and the ability to export recordings to formats such as MP3 and WMA. Options to set the bitrate and quality of your exported recording are also available.

VirtualDek also features a comprehensive Playlist Editor and Playlist File-Manager giving you the power to construct a list of songs ready for any performance. A Media Pool and a fast Media Search Utility are also included enabling you to mangage and add your media quickly and easily.  

Main features:

  • Two Virtual Turntables with Pitch controls
  • A Monitor channel split feature turning your standard stereo speakers into a Monitor/Speaker configuration.
  • Automatic Aux/Mic Voice-Over Ducking for superb proffesional sounding productions
  • Two special effects per deck including Phaser and a Sweeping Filter
  • Per deck Position-Recall feature
  • Colourful Level Meters and a per deck WaveDisplay feature
  • Chunky Cross-Fader for ease of use
  • Logarithmic smoothing on all fader controls
  • Per deck Time-Nudge feature making syncronising easier
  • Fully featured playlist editor and playlist file manager
  • Fully featured Media Pool accepting CDA,WMA,MP3 and WAV files
  • Built in high quality 32-bit Mini Mixer with logarithmic fader smoothing
  • Advanced Media Search utliliy allowing your tracks to be harnessed easily into one place
  • A Virtual Recorder panel with a recording manager and MP3,WMA export capability
  • A fully featured Audio CD creator utility for publising your productions to Audio CD
  • A low latency DirectX sound playback/capture interface (Requires Microsoft DirectX)

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VirtualDek PRO - VirtualDEK Pro offers two decks for adding, playing, editing and mixing various tracks.VirtualDek PRO - From the File menu users are able to quickly burn a CD with their own mixes.VirtualDek PRO - In the Options menu you can easily change the Audio Buffer Size from 1024 to 65536.

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