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Create music on the spot by mixing up multiple songs and effects in two separate DJ decks with the help of this lightweight application

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Creating music with the help of a computer is not something new, but with just the right applications to help you out and powerful hardware components, high-quality tunes can be obtained. There are also methods to spontaneously create tracks, with VirtualDek PRO being a suitable environment to mix music for a unique sound experience.

Mediocre visual design

Truth be told, there's not much to look at when running the application, with a rather poor implementation of visual elements. Although not so visually appealing, the application is intuitive in its manner, with both decks along with separate controls being placed in the upper part, followed by playlist and other enhancement possibilities.

Complicated and lengthy playlist creation

Unfortunately, adding files is a little difficult, with no support for drag and drop. Even though the application is able to import from media devices like CDs, DVDs and supports common formats, these must first go through a media pool, the actual playlist and only from there can you set them up on decks. What's more, if the audio file is lengthy, it can take some time to add it to the playlist, which is not necessarily good for spontaneous music creation.

Poor gallery of effects and features

Furthermore, if you're planning on using effects, you better make sure your audio collection is equipped with all it needs, because the application isn't.

There's only the possibility to add a phaser and VCF sweep effect over playing songs, as well as sliders to adjust pitch. You cannot interact with the disks for custom effects and adding even a short one requires an empty deck to play it.

However, the application gives you the possibility to gather sound using a recording device, with a built-in tool. In addition, you also have the option to burn a media CD to take your work with you, but there is no option to save or record tunes as they play, making the burner lose a great deal of practicability.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that VirtualDek PRO is definitely not the best of its kind, with a lot more room for improvements. Functions put at your disposal get the job properly done, but the overall implementation, visual aspect, as well as the file import system make it only a playground for enthusiasts.

VirtualDek PRO was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on November 4th, 2014
VirtualDek PRO - VirtualDEK Pro offers two decks for adding, playing, editing and mixing various tracks.VirtualDek PRO - From the File menu users are able to quickly burn a CD with their own mixes.VirtualDek PRO - In the Options menu you can easily change the Audio Buffer Size from 1024 to 65536.

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