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ChordPulse Player is a simple utility that allows you to practice and improve your musical composition skills.

One window environment

The simple user interface has all the functions displayed in a single GUI, which makes using the app a simple task. The first step in using the program is to load one of the many presets or add your own file in CPS format. After loading the item you can see what notes make up the selection and what musical value is assigned to them.

Liniar display

All the musical notes are displayed using a scale. When you load a specific sample, values for style, tempo and key change. You can select a new value for tempo and key from the drop-down lists. The played notes are displayed using a piano keyboard and a note-octave matrix. Moreover, the app displays the actual and total time for the loaded sample.

The bar numbers are also a handy feature if you want to see the smallest parts enclosed in the composition. This options can be switched on or off depending on your preferences. ChordPulse Player displays also the current song frequency in the main window.

Customize the look

The program allows you to select the default MIDI output device and can use up to 16 MIDI channels. Furthermore, you can customize the overall look for the displayed text color, chord color and cursor, by choosing some of the predefined options.

Built-in player

You can listen to the composition by using the integrated player to play or pause the song. In addition, the tempo can be increased or decreased from this bottom player or you can apply a lower or higher value key shift.


All in all, ChordPulse Player is a simple app which can be a great help for composers. The program does not hamper system resources and can be used even by inexperienced users.

ChordPulse Player was reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu
Last updated on April 29th, 2014
ChordPulse Player - The main interface of ChordPulse Player allows you to practice and improve your music skills in a new wayChordPulse Player - From the Play menu you are able to repeat all the files or choose to play from a specific pointChordPulse Player - You can navigate to the Options menu if you want to view the Musical Notes and the Bar Number or configure the References TonesChordPulse PlayerChordPulse PlayerChordPulse Player

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