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An intuitive application that can play APE and MP3s.

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Free Ape Player is a very simple software solution designed to play APE and MP3 files, providing just the basic utilities to serve its purpose.

Simplicity is what makes the application so special, although only a few users out there found this lightweight utility special.

But although Free Ape Player has such a user friendly approach, the lack of features is what may scare away many users.

It's main window shows only the basic controls to handle a playing file, such as play, pause and stop, a simple seeker and a volume slider, alongside a visual beat display that can be configured with multiple spectrum modes.

And that's basically everything that's hidden underneath its hood, so no configuration screen and no other menus that could make beginners' life a bit more difficult.

Unfortunately however, the same simplicity we were talking about is also the most important setback and users may look somewhere else especially because Free Ape Player doesn't boast some important features.

For instance, it doesn't come with drag and drop support, so you can't open a file on the go, you can't configure the way it looks, there's no equalizer, the audio files don't sound too good and there's not even a help file.

Of course, the amount of resources needed to do its job is just minimal and the application works flawlessly on both older and newer versions of Windows.

Simply put, Free Ape Player is a tool to forget. It provides just a couple of simple features that are available in most media players out there that at the same time are also offering a pack of other remarkable utilities.

Free Ape Player was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 6th, 2012
Free Ape Player - The main window of the application allows you to open an MP3 or APE file in order to listen to it.

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