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A lightweight music player, song organizer and metadata editor that enables you to manage your large music collection in an easy manner

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Waf Music Manager is a simple, yet handy application that bundles a music player, a song organizer and a tag editor into a single lightweight package, enabling you to listen to music and change song details on the spot.

Organize music files and edit tag data

The integrated file explorer enables you to view all the compatible music files in a specific location on the computer and their duration, while the search function can be used to filter the songs by artist name, title or album.

The application enables you to edit tag data for the selected music files (batch operations are allowed), providing editable fields for the artist name, the song title, the album, the rating, the track number, year, genre, publisher, composers and conductors. This way, you can organize your collection in a much efficient manner.

Listen to music and build playlists

Waf Music Manager features a built-in audio player, enabling you to create playlists and enqueue files for playback. It includes the basic playback controls that you would expect any player to have, such as play and pause functions, volume control, a navigation bar, shuffle and repeat options.

Unfortunately, the application only provides support for MP3 and WMA audio files, M3U and WPL playlists. Thanks to its user-friendly appearance and simple layout, getting accustomed with the application shouldn't take long.

A promising audio player, tag editor and song organizer

While it still needs a lot of improvements, Waf Music Manager can be used as a simple alternative to more complex music players and tag editors. Without a doubt, it still has a long way to go to become a reliable music organizer and tag editor, but it shows a lot of promise.

Waf Music Manager was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 4th, 2015
Waf Music Manager - You can use Waf Music Manager to easily manage your music collection and listen to audio files.Waf Music Manager - Waf Music Manager enables you to edit the song details, such as the artist name, the title and the album name.Waf Music Manager - Waf Music Manager features options for shuffling the playlist or repeating tracks.

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