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A simple and fun piece of software that enables you to listen to your favorite songs, while also allowing you to manage your music collection

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aTunes is an easy to use application designed as an audio player, enabling you to enjoy all your music in comprehensive playlists. You can load all your MP3 files and play them endlessly, as the tool offers basic audio player features, such as 'Repeat' or 'Shuffle'.

aTunes allows you to create various music playlists, so you can better categorize and manage your music. You can sort it by artists, music genres, year of release, albums or depending on the occasions it can be played at.

The program enables you to edit the ID3 tags of your audio files, so you can modify several details of a song, namely artist, title, album, year, composer, or lyrics. Moreover, with aTunes you can change a file's image cover, by adding one or removing it.

You have the option of setting certain songs as favorites, so you can access them quicker from the dedicated section. Furthermore, the program offers a 'Search' function that allows you to find a specific song in your extensive collection.

This digital music player has the ability to connect to numerous online radio stations, organized depending on genre, but also country. Similarly, you can add podcast feeds to your playlist, that you can later mark as listened, so you do not have to play them again accidentally.

Using the 'Equalizer' function, you can adjust the various settings of your audio files, or load a variety of presets, for instance 'Classic', 'Party', 'Full Bass', 'Rock', 'Reggae' or 'Techno', and many others.

What might be mentioned as a negative aspect of aTunes is the fact that it supports only a few audio formats, namely MP3 and OGG, so you cannot play other songs on your PC without converting them first.

aTunes is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software, providing you with numerous useful features that can offer you a pleasant music listening experience.

aTunes was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
aTunes - The main window of the application can be used to load the songs you want to play.aTunes - You can use the integrated right click context menu to add tags and export playlists.aTunes - The Edit menu found in aTunes allows you to access the Equalizer and Preferences window.aTunes - screenshot #4aTunes - screenshot #5aTunes - screenshot #6aTunes - screenshot #7aTunes - screenshot #8aTunes - screenshot #9aTunes - screenshot #10aTunes - screenshot #11aTunes - screenshot #12aTunes - screenshot #13aTunes - screenshot #14

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