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A straightforward and intuitive software for bedroom and professional DJs who are looking to manage music libraries before and during a performance

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As a DJ, apart from having an excellent sense of rhythm and taste in music, you also need to have a well tailored music library. Very rare, if not almost gone, are the days in which your favorite DJ would show up with a couple of cases of CDs or vinyls load them, and start the party.

Today, software solutions such as rekordbox are developed in order to help you better manage your music library to the point where you can create playlists before a show and during one, sort tracks by BPM, genre, a personal rating and even key.

Designed for Pioneer gear and fit for DJs of all levels

rekordbox is created to work its magic with Pioneer DJ players and offers support for all the new and popular devices. It’s not really a virtual DJing tool but rather your aid when it comes to searching for tracks on your computer, creating playlists based on certain criteria, setting cue and loop points, as well as loading them into the players.

Like most apps of this type, rekordbox displays a graphical user interface which should be intuitive to all kinds of DJs, enabling them to quickly and effortlessly managing their sets. Its main window is comprised of the classic panels for track playback and waveform visualisation, cue/loop functions, file browsing and link status.

With rekordbox, everything you need is in plain sight, easily accessible and since multiple tracks can be analyzed in a matter of seconds, it’s a great solution for live performances.

Analyze and adjust beat patterns

rekordbox automatically analyzes each track you add to the library and besides BPM, it also shows you beat placement, making it easy for you to sync up the songs. Additionally, it enables you to adjust beat patterns prior to performing so you can accurately place cue points, loops and effects where you need them.

A handy music manager

With the above to consider and a lot more to discover, it’s safe to say that if you're looking for a reliable and intuitive audio library manager then you can certainly try rekordbox.

rekordbox was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 4th, 2015
rekordbox - rekordbox enables you to analyze tracks and create playlists for for upcoming DJ gigs.rekordbox - From the File menu you are able to import single tracks or folders, as well as create a backup of your library.rekordbox - Accessing the View menu, the user can run the app in full screen, display two players or switch to a simple browser.rekordbox - screenshot #4rekordbox - screenshot #5rekordbox - screenshot #6rekordbox - screenshot #7rekordbox - screenshot #8rekordbox - screenshot #9rekordbox - screenshot #10rekordbox - screenshot #11rekordbox - screenshot #12rekordbox - screenshot #13rekordbox - screenshot #14

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