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Apply various adjustments to significantly enhance the sound quality of multimedia files and radio streams played using DivX Player

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DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player works as an audio plugin for DivX Player, enabling it to benefit from the sound improvement capabilities that DFX Audio Enhancer has to offer. Part of a larger collection of similar tools, it also comes as a standalone application and a plugin for other popular media players, such as Winamp, MusicMatch, foobar2000 and MediaMonkey.

Higher acoustics quality

Its purpose is to significantly improve sound quality, offering the audience an enhanced listening experience. It can boost the quality of tracks loaded in DivX Player, providing HD sound during movies, videos or songs playback.

The plugin can be used regardless of the content type, be it locally stored multimedia files or online radio streams. Its set of effects and adjustments works alongside the preset collection in order to generate high-quality sound, similar to that produced by stereo hardware devices.

Aside from the plugin, the package also deploys DivX Player and the DivX codec package to your computer. If it does not start automatically, DFX Audio Enhancer can be easily accessed via the 'Tools' menu of the player.

Easy to manage controls and predefined presets

Its simple interface encases a set of controls that you can adjust using simple sliders in order to make the played music sound perfect. The collection includes 'Fidelity', which restores a clean sound to the played audio stream, 'Ambience' (modifies stereo depth), '3D Surround' (adds sound depth), 'Dynamic Boost' (increases the audio volume) and 'Hyperbass' (used for adding bass tones).

You can choose between the predefined processing modes: 'Speech' (suitable for radio, audio books and so on), 'Music 1' (intended for most audio file types) and 'Music 2' (designed for hip-hop songs, which combine speed with music). The preset collection can help you adjust the settings depending on the music genre: classical, country, electronic, rock, folk and so on.

Improve your listening experience

When configured correctly, DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player can significantly transform the acoustics and bring quality to played media files. Its performance is undoubtable and therefore, you might want to give it a try before spending money on expensive stereo systems.

DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player - The main window of DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player enables you to adjust the fidelity or the dynamic boost.DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player - DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player also offers a set of presets from which you can choose.