Fourier Pitch/Tempo Control

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The plugin contains two subroutines - changing the pitch independent of tempo and changing the tempo keeping the pitch/tempo





Winamp used to provide a Pitch/Tempo control in it's earlier versions. I was rather disappointed when I did not find it in the last version I installed. Then I remembered it was there in the SDK tutorial, and I thought I would just compile it for myself.

I started to play with the code, and ultimately added ability to transform pitch or tempo independently, using a mathematical magic called Fourier Transformation.

Fourier Pitch/Tempo Control is a Winamp plugin which contains two subroutines - one for changing the pitch independent of tempo (which actually uses the Fourier Transformation), and one for changing the tempo keeping the pitch/tempo ratio constant. Sometimes one or both of the subroutines may not be necessary. Then they will be turned off automatically, and a star (*) will appear beside the name.

You can mimic the Nullsoft Pitch/Tempo control by fixing the Pitch/Tempo ratio at 1. To install the plugin, unzip the files into your Winamp plugins directory.


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Last updated on February 22nd, 2007
Fourier Pitch/Tempo Control - screenshot #1