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A simple and colorful plugin that offers various real-time audio visualizations for several music players, allowing you to enjoy your music

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G-Force is a music visualization plugin designed to provide you with a large variety graphical representations and effects. It supports multiple media players and aims to help you relax your eyes while listening to your favorite tracks.

Media players such as Windows Media Player, Winamp or iTunes include a visualization tool which generates a graphical representation based on the played song. The effects can be useful for the users who want to set the mood for a party or simply relax while ‘watching’ a song.

If you think that your player does not have enough visualization options, G-Force allows you to supplement them with a large collection of effects that you can customize in order to create the visualization that suits your mood.

To change the overall aspect of the player you need to select a theme from the available list. Each theme can further be personalized by selecting the wave shapes, colors maps and flow types.

For each element included in the visualization you have the option to set the time interval, transition time and type. The main advantage of this tool is the ability to combine a multiple elements which allows you to create a virtually infinite number of visualizations.

You have the option to customize the themes in order to easily use the same visualization for a certain song. The user can assign a preset to a keyboard shortcut in order to quickly apply it during playback.

Overall, the G-Force is an almost inexhaustive source of visualizations that can be used to enhance your music player. Moreover, it can be used as a screensaver in order to protect your desktop while you are not working.

G-Force was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on February 5th, 2015
G-Force - In the right-click menu of the audio player, users can find the Visualisations sub-menu and activate G-ForceG-Force - The main menu of G-Force allows users to select the active theme, the color maps and wave shapes to displayG-Force - The Active Theme menu enables users to choose from a variety of themes, such as Fractal Flow or KaleidoscopeG-Force - From the ColorMaps menu, users can set the slideshow interval as well as the transition timeG-Force - The WaveShapes menu allows users to view the available categories and set the line width scaleG-Force - screenshot #6G-Force - screenshot #7G-Force - screenshot #8G-Force - screenshot #9

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