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A powerful VST plugin that comes as a tempo-synced probability-based gate which you can use to control the audio output from a step sequencer






Gator is an audio plugin designed to be a random-step gated effect that triggers volume across two adjustable values from a probability-based step sequencer that is synchronized to the source’s tempo.

The filter can easily be inserted into a VST host and provides a tempo step sequencer with 2 to 32 steps that runs on a sequence which also spans from 2 to 32 beats. Its effect can be randomized or pre-calculated by adjusting each step’s probability.

Gator also features volume triggers between upper and lower values, is fitted with an LFO and allows you to adjust pulse length, attack and decay that shape modulation.

The plugin displays a minimalistic interface which makes all the parameters and adjustments easy to access and customize. Gator provides parameters such as ‘seed’, ‘beats’, ‘depth’, ‘offset’, ‘pulse’, ‘attack’, ‘decay’, ‘swing’ and ‘mix’.

As a gate effect, Gator can be set to work relative to minimum or maximum output. You are able to adjust the number of steps and beats that exist in the sequence using your mouse and drawing a column for each one. A column set to 0 means that the gate effect will not be triggered, half way through the gate will have a random chance of being triggered half of the time, while if the column is at 100%, the gate will always trigger.

The built-in LFO may be activated to modulate audio using one of its ‘sine’, ‘saw’, ‘square’, ‘triangle’, ‘ramp’ or ‘random’ modes, as well as a custom sync rate.

With Gator, you can also add a random delay to each triggered step by adjusting the ‘swing’ parameter and you are able to customize the power of the effect by controlling the ‘mix’ knob.
Last updated on March 12th, 2010
Gator - This plugin is a tempo-synced probability-based gate