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A handy audio synthesizer that can be used for performing simple subtractive synthesis or more complex frequency and ring modulation synthesis

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Sytrus is a reliable hybrid audio synthesizer, available in two versions, as a standalone application and a plugin for FL Studio. Its goal is to help music aficionados generate interesting sounds, allowing subtractive, frequency and ring modulation synthesis.

Covers various genres

The application comes with a rich and exquisite selection of presets that cover multiple music genres, enabling you to combine signals and create astonishing sounds. It includes sounds for bass, drums, FX, guitar, orchestral sounds, organ, percussion instruments, pianos, synth, string, wind and the list does not end here.

Integrated oscillators and FX modulation

Thanks to the six integrated operators, Sytrus lets creativity go wild. They can work as independent oscillators with customizable parameters to allow complex synthesis operations. As such, you can alter the LFO, the keyboard mapping, velocity and modulation.

With more than 64x oversampling, it can perform FM synthesis and deliver amazing, high-quality sounds. The collection of effects it bundles comprises various filters, phaser, chorus and a three-band parametric equalizer.

Audio panning, pitch adjustments and other options

Sytrus features a built-in distortion processor and can perform audio panning, volume adjustments, x/y modulation and pitch adjustments. It allows MIDI learning and can generate VST banks or presets compatible with FL Studio.

Its audio filters enable you to set the cutoff envelope, the frequency and the sound resonance, while the integrated effects allow sound delay and tempo adjustments.

A reliable audio synthesizer

Sytrus delivers a powerful toolset that enables it to synthesize any timbre and output all kinds of sounds. The configuration possibilities are endless, allowing creativity to be the main factor for generating original tunes.

Sytrus was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 9th, 2014
Sytrus - Sytrus provides you with a full-featured audio synthesizer that can generate all kinds of sounds.Sytrus - Sytrus comes with six independent operators that can act as individual oscillators.Sytrus - You can use Sytrus to apply various audio filters to the generated signal, in order to output interesting sounds.Sytrus - screenshot #4Sytrus - screenshot #5

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