T-SLEDGE 1.496

A multi-band compressor for mastering, equipped with peak limiter
T-SLEDGE - The main window of T-SLEDGE VST plugin
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The T-SLEDGE VST plugin was developed to be a multi-band compressor for mastering, equipped with peak limiter, level maximizer and 4 compressors / expanders / limiters. And it is equipped with 2 kinds of dividing filter IIR/FIR. So, it also operates as a dynamics EQ.

Main features:

  • Threshold: Controls the threshold of compressing/limiting. The signal at a level that is larger than this value is compressed
  • Ratio: Controls the ratio of compressing/limiting. It operates as an expander when this value is smaller than 1.0. When this value is maximized, it operates as a limiter
  • Attack: Controls the attack time of compressing/limiting
  • Release: Controls the release time of compressing/limiting. It makes the sound smooth, if you choose the large value
  • Soft: Sets the soft/hard mode of compressing/limiting process. While the soft mode compression gradually compresses the threshold When the hard mode compression reaches the threshold by the signal, it immediately compresses. There a little differences using it, but it makes compressing/limiting process smooth or vivid. At the present stage, this function becomes effective only to the compression processing
  • ARC: Sets the automatic release time control system. (Sets all compressor and limiter release time ARC) Automatically ARC calculates the release time. If you want to create loudness sound, I recommend to turn it off
  • IIR-FIR: Sets the dividing filter type. If you want to use for mastering, I recommend to use FIR. FIR filter cause a little latency, but it’s no more than 1ms
  • Gain: Controls the level of each output signal
  • Input Gain: Controls the level of input signal
  • Knob: Ctrl+Left-Click -> Fine adjustment of the value. Shift+Left-Click -> Link adjustment of the value. Ctrl+Shift+Left-Click -> Fine link adjustment of the value
  • VU Meter: Range 0dB < -> -40dB

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