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Teach your pet bird to talk, and keep your pets entertained while you are at work





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Auto-Talk is a great program with the help of which you can teach your bird to talk, or to keep your pets calm while you are away. Your computer can talk to your animals for you all day, and provide the repetition that helps birds learn words and sentences. Auto-Talk comes with several default phrases, but you can import your own sounds, or even record your own messages in your own voice.

Here are some key features of "Auto Talk":

■ Custom Play List -- Import sounds of people whistling, birds talking, or any other sounds you wish.
■ Record In Your Own Voice -- Auto-Talk has a built-in sound recorder that lets you record the exact words and phrases you want your bird to learn.
■ Variable Play Interval -- You have control over how often Auto-Talk will talk to your pets. You can have sounds played to them every 30 seconds, or several hours apart.
■ Emotional Bonding -- You pets miss you while you are away at work. It is good for them to hear your voice periodically during the day. It keeps them calm and entertained, and they don't feel so lonely.


■ 7 days
Last updated on January 10th, 2006
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