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Babya Guitar Amp Pro is a free and useful guitar amp instrument that will come in handy




Babya Guitar Amp Pro is a free and useful guitar amp instrument that will come in handy.

Babya Guitar Amp Pro can be used for instantaneous guitar and chord tunings.
There are a large variety of built in common tunings.

Simply select one and it defaults to channels 1-6
You may tune the strings any way you'd like simply by changing the numbers underneath the channels.

Your MIDI Guitar should be set to MONO mode transmitting 1 string per channel.

The higher pitch string corresponds to 1 and the lower to 6.
You may change the default General Midi Voices to all the strings at once.
If you click above the individual channel, you can choose a different instrument per string.

MIDI input and MIDI output can be assigned as well.
Volume changes are supported as well as panning.
You may transpose the sound in a range of 72 half-steps.

Therefore the Virtual Capo may be placed anywhere from -36 to + 36 frets.
You may record to any file as long as you input a name.
The default is "Untitled.mid".

If you click on the filename box a directory window will open and you may save as any file and to any directory.
The file will be saved to the application directory as a default.

A file will never be overwritten . If you start recording and the default file already exists on disk, the filename will be changed to the present date & time, e.g. 12211999123033 PM.mid.

You can play any midi file with thBabya Guitar Amp Pro as well by selecting Play.

Play defaults to the present Record Filename and will play it upon opening.
Last updated on July 16th, 2007
Babya Guitar Amp ProBabya Guitar Amp ProBabya Guitar Amp Pro

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