Composition Library 0.1 Alpha

A composition library to help you with your work.
Composition Library is a tool designed to help you create a comprehensive and definitive online library of change-ringing compositions in computer-provable form with free software tools that enable the change-ringing community to easily find, prove, analyse, publish & catalogue compositions.

Main features:

  • Method:
  • Replicate the online method database on the client PC and keep up-to-date
  • Find methods matching search criteria and select a method
  • Derive and display method properties
  • Display method grid/blue line
  • Input a new method and keep on the local database until rung
  • Match online updates and remove rung methods
  • Edit methods input to local library
  • Protect the integrity of downloaded methods by disallowing edit
  • Find methods true to a chosen composition
  • Composition:
  • Replicate the online composition database on the client PC and keep up-to-date
  • Find compositions matching search criteria and select a composition
  • Find true compositions for the selected method
  • Derive and display composition properties
  • Display a composition in standard format, compact or expanded
  • Allow drilldown for courseheads, leadheads and rows
  • Check that compositions are true to the selected method, are of the expected length, and come round, by verifying and displaying this information when the composition is formatted
  • Display and compare musical characteristics
  • Input a new composition to the local database pending upload to the online database
  • Amend/delete compositions from the online database, if the user has the appropriate authority
  • Upload compositions, removing from local database
  • Print a composition, with a blue line and/or grid if desired
  • Find trivial variations of compositions, such as rotations, inversions, and obvious rearrangements
  • Music Scoring:
  • Maintain user-definable masks by stage for row comparison and score for each mask
  • Select which masks are active for composition analysis
  • Allow mask types for row, backstroke row, handstroke row, leadhead row, coursehead row, wrap etc
  • Subtotal groups of masks
  • Calculate a total score for each composition being compared
  • Collection maintenance:
  • Enter details of composition collections e.g. to allow the user to compile a new collection, or to catalogue a published collection
  • Assign compositions to collections
  • Display a list of compositions in a collection
  • Display the number of compositions in each collection
  • Display or print a collection
  • Display statistics such as:
  • The number of methods in the online and local method library by stage, class and leadhead group
  • The number of compositions in composition library and the number pending upload
  • The number of compositions uploaded/amended by user name
  • The number of compositions added by month
  • The update log for the online composition database
  • The update log for the local database
  • Maintain an online submission log for the online database
  • Maintain an update log for the local database
  • User:
  • Initial registration and verification
  • Sign on
  • Password change
  • Password reset
  • Email address change
  • Set admin rights

last updated on:
May 28th, 2009, 2:11 GMT
file size:
4.2 MB
developed by:
Composition Library Project
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operating system(s):
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / NT
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Composition Library - The main window of Composition Library enables you to start creating your library.Composition Library - You can create a new method by using the designated tab.Composition Library - The Composition window will offer you the possibility to search for a composition.Composition Library - The Properties tab will give you further information about your composition.Composition LibraryComposition LibraryComposition LibraryComposition LibraryComposition LibraryComposition Library

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