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Lets you accurately tune your guitar using direct input or microphone.

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When talking about guitar tuning, there are a lot of solutions, including online apps that can help you. Designed for those very keen on music, Digital Guitar Tuner is a simple application that can be used to tune your guitar, even if it does not have signal output.

This lightweight program provides users with a simple interface that can make the tuning process very easy. You can permanently view the tuning type and the tuner status in the main window of the application.

One advantage of Digital Guitar Tuner is that it offers you the possibility to apply several different tuning types, with different tonalities, which you can choose to make your guitar sound better. Once you select the one you want to use, you can start tuning your guitar by pressing the displayed chords.

When pressing one of the chords, you can observe that the tuner status modifies, and the 'Condition' status changes to 'RED'.

You can tune your guitar using direct input. Still, if your guitar has no electrical audio output, that is not an issue, as you can use the 'Midi' tones and the microphone to tune it.

Digital Guitar Tuner features several options to allow customization. You can modify the root frequency, but also set the desired Midi output device and instrument, as well as the noise level.

Guitar tuners are designed to improve the sound of your guitar by changing its resonance and matching chords' frequencies, allowing you to play it without any problems. With its multiple tuning types, Digital Guitar Tuner is designed to accurately change your guitar's sound in no time, in order to enhance the playing experience.

Digital Guitar Tuner was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 14th, 2012
Digital Guitar Tuner - The main window of the application will provide you with the basic view of a guitar and the application status.Digital Guitar Tuner - When you click on one of the strings the application will allow you to tune the sound by changing the percentage in the box.Digital Guitar Tuner - This menu enables you to choose the tuning type and to change the root frequency of the guitar.Digital Guitar Tuner - screenshot #4Digital Guitar Tuner - screenshot #5Digital Guitar Tuner - screenshot #6Digital Guitar Tuner - screenshot #7

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