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Block the advertisement banners that are being displayed by Spotify with little to no effort, thanks to this helpful application

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Spotify offers you a user-friendly and intuitive platform on which you are able to listen to new songs by popular artists, as well as browse entire albums. Moreover, it also allows you to listen to music that is stored on your computer and create playlists from it.

Since Spotify is an application that streams online content, it has a rather large inconvenience that takes the form of audio ads. These seem to be played more often than you would like and tend to ruin the overall experience.

EZBlocker is a straightforward tool especially designed to help you get rid of these advertisements so you can enjoy music without having to hear about stuff that doesn’t really interest you.

Simple and to the point interface

While Spotify displays a rather stylish interface, that of EZBlocker is far from being so. It’s comprised from a small and simple window from where you can access all its features and functions but this shouldn’t be considered to be a disadvantage. After all, the application is meant to disable ads, nothing more, and that is exactly what id does.

You get a few buttons that add the currently playing item to the blocklist, another that opens the mentioned list and a third that you can use to mute or unmute Spotify entirely.

Automatically recognize Spotify ads

EZBlocker is capable of recognizing advertisements and automatically blocks them for you. While doing so, it also displays popup notifications that let you know when something has recently been added to the blocklist.

Actually, notifications are displayed for all the audio content that is identified, no matter if it’s an ad or an actual song. In this regard, EZBlocker can be used as a means to block any song that you kind of hate. The only bad thing about this is that if you blacklist a song, you’ll have to sit in silence until it ends or jump to the next one.

Block Spotify ads

To sum things up, EZBlocker is by all means a handy app to have around when the ads on Spotify get to your nerves and want to mute them with one click.

EZBlocker was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 21st, 2015
EZBlocker - EZBlocker enables you to block audio ads from Spotify in a simple and effective manner

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