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Modify tag information for multiple MP3 audio tracks at once by processing entire directories, thanks to this straightforward and approachable tool

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Easy Change MP3 Tags By Folder is a straightforward piece of software that gives you the possibility to modify the tag information of MP3 audio tracks by processing entire folders in batch mode, as the name suggests. It comes packed with a bunch of practical settings that are intuitive enough to be figured out by anyone, even those less experienced with such apps.

Ad-supported application

The setup procedure takes little time to finish. However, because it is ad-supported, the app offers to download and install third-party components that it doesn't actually need to work properly. These offers may be skipped to make a clean installation, though.

Simple interface with handy settings

The GUI is user-friendly, based on a large window that shows all available options. It makes it possible to easily pick the directory whose MP3 tracks will automatically take into account for tag editing. You can also drop individual files into the main frame while navigating disk directories.

So, you can modify the track's title, artist, album, comment, date, name, genre and category, as well as preview the current and new tags. Setting automatic numbering, custom text and dates is possible. The new tags can be either forced on all MP3 files, or you can skip the ones that already contain tags. All modifications are committed to the files with one click, and you can cancel the task if you change your mind.

Evaluation and conclusion

We haven't encountered any unpleasant surprises in our tests as far as stability is concerned, thanks to the fact that Easy Change MP3 Tags By Folder did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It doesn't put a strain on computer performance either because it requires low CPU and RAM to work properly. Tasks are carried out fast. All in all, Easy Change MP3 Tags By Folder delivers a simple and effective solution to modifying MP3 tags.

Easy Change MP3 Tags By Folder was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 29th, 2014
Easy Change MP3 Tags By Folder - The main window of Easy Change MP3 Tags By Folder lets you select the files to process.

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