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Listen to music sheets with this application.

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Creating music is a very elaborate process that takes a lot of time, plenty of patience and talent. Finale Reader is a small tool that was designed to read score sheets.

The program has a very simple interface and an intuitive layout that should be easy to figure out by all users.

As mentioned, the app can read score sheets and play the music notes that are written there. It enables you to load MUS files, an extension used by the Finale app, as well as XML files.

The app lets you play the file with the help of a series of buttons. Thus, it gives you access to Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward and Backwards. Also, you may adjust the playback speed and the number of times the tool repeats the song.

If you don’t like how it sounds, it’s possible to increase or decrease the tempo of the entire song.

The app also comes with several other tools that enable you to zoom in and out of the files to get a better look at the notes. Sending the files to the printer is very simple as well with this program.

All in all, Finale Reader is a nice program that can be quite useful if you often work with this type of files. Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t worry about anything while installing and handling the app, thanks to the intuitive interface.

Finale Reader was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on March 18th, 2013
Finale Reader - The main window of the application allows you to view the music sheet and to control the playback.Finale Reader - The program can also import Music XML files by using the command from the File menu.

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