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A simple-to-use and comprehensive application especially created for musicians that want to write sheet music and print it in a simple manner

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Finale is a powerful solution bent on assisting you in composing music in a professional manner.

When you first initiate the program, you are welcomed by a screen in which you can create new sounds by entering the setup or exercise wizard, start a new project from a default document or from a template.

But you can also view quick start videos, consult the user manual and take a look at the tutorial guide.

When you run the setup wizard, you must first select an ensemble and a document style to work with, and personalize the layout, after which you can select instruments from a particular category, then set the title, credits, copyright, key signature, time signature, tempo and pickup measure.

You can enter music by using the mouse and keyboard or by transcribing a live performance. Select a note type and click a particular section to input it (don't worry; you can listen to that specific key after you place it on the sheet).

Furthermore, you can make changes by editing using a simple entry (via the Simple Entry palette or by using the keyboard) or by entering multiple rhythmically independent lines of music on the same staff.

So, you can add chords, repeats, lyrics, tempo marking and dynamics, articulations, slurs, hairpins, Garritan sounds from an extensive database, and more. Also, hotkeys are assigned to each major function in Finale.

The program's response time is generally good, although sometimes it needs a few seconds to apply major changes or load a document. However, Finale uses a massive amount of system memory, which is to be expected in such a major audio suite.

The application didn't freeze or crash during our tests and comes with a complete user guide. Needless to say, beginners would have a difficult time working with this software. Nevertheless, we certainly recommend Finale for composing music.

Finale was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
Finale - Finale displays an intuitive, user-friendly interface and enables you to write sheet music on your computer.Finale - Accessing the File menu, you are able to export the project as an audio file, ePub, MIDI , MusicXML and PDF formats.Finale - From the Utilities menu, you can fit measures, update the layout, as well as add or remove Capo Chords.FinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinaleFinale

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