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This realtime multi effect audio processor will enhance your guitar playing experience

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Designed for those very keen on music, Guitar FX BOX is capable of making your guitar sound much better by applying and processing several effects at the same time. You simply have to plug your guitar into the sound card input and you can start adjusting its sound.

The programs interface is rather crowded. There are a lot of buttons, one for each effect or for the programs' options. Furthermore, each effect lets you change several other parameters, by using the adjustment bars. Consequently, if you are not familiar with this type of software, it might take time to learn exactly what every effect does.

The main advantage of Guitar FX BOX is that it offers users a wide variety of effects for the guitar and voice that can be applied in real time. Thus, you don't need other electronic devices in order to enhance how your guitar sounds. With this application, you can get the same result as if you are using several effect pedals at once.

Distorsion, echo, pitch, reverb, chorus, tremolo or phaser are just a few of the many effects that you can apply. In addition to this, the tuner allows you to match the strings' frequencies and change the guitars' resonance.

Moreover, you have other tools at your disposal to improve the sound of your guitar. One of these is the metronome, which is used to maintain a consistent tempo. In addition to this, you can set the application to play a background music file.

The application supports presets, which you can use to store effect settings for later use. You are able to quickly activate a certain preset by using hotkeys, but also hardware or software MIDI devices.

Guitar FX BOX can help you improve the sound of your guitar by changing its resonance and applying multiple effects. It is designed to accurately change your guitar's sound and enhance the playing experience.

Guitar FX BOX was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on September 20th, 2012
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